What is Cyberbullying?


Simply this is the abuse of one person by another over electronic media. This media includes e-mails, text messages, cell phones, social media and much more.


Unlike the old days where bullying was more physical, cyberbullying can contain rumor, fake information, embarrassing pictures or videos which are spread to a large group of people through the internet or other electronic networks. Because cyberbullying can be done 24 hours a day 7 days a week targeted children have a lot harder time escaping the effects of the bullying. The victim may not know who is doing the bullying as the internet and other media allow for anonymous posting of harmful material. The effect of cyberbullying may last a lot longer than physical attacks because it is so difficult to get the false information removed once it has been posted.

Cyber Tools:

The tools available to the cyber bully are more numerous than the old-fashioned style bullying. In the latter the bully could only use their mouths, their fists and limited territory but with the advent of the internet and other electronic communication those options have been magnified. Now a bully can use a computer, a tablet, a smart phone, basic cellphone, to attack the victim. The territory of the bully has been enlarged as well. Now they can use social media and whatever area is open to electronic communication to carry out their attacks and reach a much larger audience.


The results of cyberbullying are harmful to the victim. The targeted child may start to miss school, stop trying to get good grades, think less of themselves, receive old-fashioned physical bullying, have health issues and may turn to drugs or alcohol as a means to escape their torment. In extreme cases some cyberbullied children take their own lives.

Don’t be confused cyberbullying is not the bullying of old.


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