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Almost every person entering the business world wants to be a success. They look for an edge under every bush or tree in hopes of becoming successful. Sometimes all they need is the right advice. Here are some snippets of advice to help those people reach their goal.

1. Make a product people want—Paul Graham— what he is saying is, you got to think ahead and see what will be needed in the future. If you make something people do not want then you will not succeed no matter what you do. In other words build a superior mousetrap.

2. Develop friendships with those people who will help you and learn how to spot talented people then work hard—Sam Altman—in other words hard work keeps you in the minds of those who will help you and it is not your knowledge but who you know that will give you the edge in business. Learning how to spot talent is a way of becoming a success in business.

3. Don’t look to favor destructive things- Chamath Paliapitiya— or look to those things that produce long term value. Don’t waste your time attending to those things that will not produce in the long run.

4. Keep it simple—Timothy Ferris—In other words do not make things too complicated. In simplicity there is power, in complicated there is confusion and other negatives. Keep it simple so that the work is easily understood. Making the work easy to understand and accomplish will boost productivity and keep motivation high.

These are some wise words from some of the more successful business men in the world today. They will help you focus on the important things that need to be completed and help you trim away those tasks that are not productive or helpful.


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