Marketing Predictions

People like making predictions. Good predictions make them look intelligent, wise and business savvy. Here are 10 such predictions that may help you look good as well if you follow them successfully.

1. Don’t use guest posts- Google is updating its algorithms in order to remove the importance guest posts once held in the scheme of things. Guest posts will not be a major factor anymore in rankings.

2. SEO Quality—future marketing strategies will not be able to rely upon quantity anymore. Quality will be the new watchword of the day.

3. Use link building—the old-fashioned way is still the best way to get known. They are harder to manipulate so you will receive fair treatment.

4. Social media- this will be the new norm in marketing strategies. What better way to reach more people than going to where the people are at.

5. Think outside the box- while traditional methods will still be in use many companies will try to be innovative in their marketing strategies in order to reach more consumers. Creativity not tradition will be the name of the game.

6. Using newspapers—Companies will try to tap into the large market these old news sources still maintain to reach their target audience.

7. Apps and more Apps—in advertising nothing beats free. You will see more and more companies releasing free apps to bring their company to the consumer’s attention.

8. More conversion specialists—companies will hire more of these experts as they need more customers to justify the advertising expense.

9. Nothing beats free—companies will give away some products to boost consumer attention to their full line of products.

10. More personal brands—companies like personal brands as they can reach more consumers at the grass roots level. It will also save on advertising dollars.

Keeping up with the trends and the times translates into business success.

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