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Every company wants to get more productivity out of their employees. Start-ups are no exception as more productivity means fewer costs and higher revenues. Here are 8 points to help you boost your productivity.

Keep employees comfortable—by hiring remote employees their surroundings will be familiar which means that they will be happier and more motivated to work.

Meet less—cut down on wasted time by cutting back on a number of meetings you have. More meetings mean you have less time to do actual work.

Cut down on interruptions– emails are one of the biggest disruptors of concentration. Cutting back on these will allow the employee to focus better and do more work.

Maintain regular hours—businesses used to think that over time meant more productivity but now it seems that if employees are not made to work overtime they produce more during the day. Their better private life benefits the company.

Don’t sleep in— the earlier you get your day started the better your productivity. They say that by the time you reach your work station you will be ready to work.

Do Concentration exercises—set a timer for 15 to 20 minutes and focus completely on your work then take a short break when the timer rings. Repeat over and over. This will help you produce more in less time.

Learn to say ‘no’—saying yes may be a great way to make friends at the office but it also is a great way to reduce your productivity.

Use the correct technology—you know what they say the right tool for the job well that old saying applies to computer work. Picking the right software to help you will improve your productivity and make your job easier.
By implementing any and all of these suggestions you will see your productivity rise not only in you but your employees as well.



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