How to Organize your Office for Maximum Productivity

There are 7 things you can do to organize your office so it helps you to be more productive. Efficiency is the key and here are the 5 suggestions to help you be more efficient as you work.

• Clean up your office— it is very difficult to be productive when you cannot find anything you need. Stop wasting time looking for office tools put them where you can find them. A place for everything and everything in its place is a good rule of thumb to follow and one that will allow you to find what you need faster.

• Create an inbox— this can be a tray, a small box or whatever, just have something where incoming documents can be placed. Also, create a place for those important documents and have a trash can for the trash. Getting the trash out of the way helps you be more productive.

• Keep a tidy desk— don’t stack paperwork on top of each other or fill it with useless items. Keep the desk neat and clean so you can work better.

• Create a Space for documents you are working on- along with the inbox have a tray or space for those documents you have looked at. Separate the paperwork so you do not get confused.

• Create different work spaces— have an area just for your computer and another for non –computer work. Keep them separate so you do not lose time reorganizing everything.

• Put office supplies in a drawer- Keep your work space tidy by putting all unnecessary office supplies in a drawer. Clutter hinders efficiency.

• Get the large size— don’t settle for a small trash can get the large size so the trash won’t overflow and make a mess again. Make sure you have enough room for everything that is not important.

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